Welcome, Lakeside Petrochemical Trading LLC


Where We Build Your Visions

We are a full-fledged oil and gas trading company with an array of expertise in trading, operations, trade finance, chartering, and risk management. We are able to expertly leverage our strategic location and vast network of partners to offer solutions that streamline and add value across the supply chain.

Business Highlights

With the achievement of each milestone, Lakeside Petrochemicals Trading LLC  is gradually becoming a prominent player in the International Energy sector. To accelerate growth and success, our plans aim to focus on asset acquisition at strategic locations, establishment of offices worldwide and creation of global alliances with major industry players.


What We Offer

As a trading company, Our Trading was able to better manage the sale of crude through increased pricing flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing global needs, in addition to enhanced market knowledge stemming from its large network of partners and counter-parties.

We are proud of the benchmark we’ve helped create for down-to-earth pricing on fuel delivery. We’ve done so while providing high quality, dependable services and a full portfolio of money saving contracts and programs to our customers.



Our Mission

Our mission is to be a valuable resource to our customers by providing quality products, competitive pricing and superior service with the utmost integrity.